Team building is important

Canaleskayak knows well the many strengths of this sport, which is why it also encourages its practice for corporate teams. A recreational and sporting activity that can be practiced both individually and in groups, kayaking has countless benefits both physically and mentally


Why choose us?

Today, the team building, understood in the sphere of human resources as the promotion of training activities aimed at strengthening a group's sense of identity and the spirit of cooperation and trust, plays a prominent role in corporate policies because it contributes significantly to the "building" of a team and, therefore, to the easier achievement of set goals.

When it comes to team building for companies one almost always thinks of events or meetings of a purely educational nature, when in fact there are other types of activities that prove equally effective and definitely more original and engaging.

Le kayak trips for corporate teams organized by Canaleskayak are a great way to do team building while having fun, organizing for their employees an experience with high educational value that brings numerous benefits both at the individual and group level.


Kayak trips for corporate groups

Thanks to its more than 20 years of experience in the field, Canaleskayak organizes kayak trips on Lake Cedrino that are perfect for all kinds of needs.
Alongside activities for adults and children, since its inception Canaleskayak has been proposing the sport as an ideal practice for corporate teams as well, knowing the undoubted advantages and positive outcomes that can be achieved.


Why, then, choose a kayaking itinerary for your employees?

What benefits is this experience likely to give both the individual and the group?

Individual level

On an individual level, kayaking enables both physical and mental strengthening, thus contributing not only to the well-being of muscles and joints but also to better mind health through more optimal management of daily stress.

Group level

At the group level, kayaking stimulates cooperation, team spirit, and collaboration among team members, while allowing leadership to be strengthened and confidence to be built both in oneself and in others.


An outdoor training activity

A true outdoor training activity, then, that allows you to experience authentic contact with nature, strengthen decision-making skills, and improve fellowship and understanding with other team members, with whom you learn to collaborate in a significantly more productive way.

In fact, to practice kayaking requires coordination, harmony, and cooperation-all skills that prove essential not only for leading a kayak or canoe along a river route but also for performing one's duties within a work group, thus succeeding in achieving the expected results together.

Therefore, a sport such as kayaking allows one to improve one's listening, integration and collaboration skills, enabling both the individual and the team to become much better performers professionally.


Tailor-made excursions

Thanks to Canaleskayak 's kayak and canoe trips, it is therefore possible to have fun while sharing a one-of-a-kind experience and actually work on all those aspects that allow a team to be truly cohesive and creative.

Like the other proposed activities, kayaking itineraries for corporate teams are conducted in total safety and taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety of participants.