The kayak excursion to Su Gologone allows visitors to enjoy a truly unique experience, discovering one of the most beautiful and evocative places in all of Sardinia, set in a spectacular landscape and historical-archaeological context.
Practicable by everyone, the Su Gologone kayak itinerary starts from the embarkation point on Lake Cedrino and continues up the south shore of the lake until reaching the Source.

The route winds through creeks, beautiful caves and small tributaries and allow you to reach a wonderful canyon near Gonagosula, a locality that is home to a real naturalistic jewel namely the Guano or Su Guano Cave.

The waters of Su Gologone, with vivid and bright colors ranging from emerald green to deep blue, thus create a distinctive river path, made even more striking by the surrounding natural and historical context.


Su Gologone

The kayak tour, which has a total duration of about 4 hours (1:30 outward + 1:30 return +1 hour to visit the spring), thus gives the opportunity to visit one of the most fascinating areas in all of Sardinia, Su Gologone, known to be the most important spring on the entire island as well as the main resurgence of the Supramonte karst system.


The fauna

The naturalistic spectacle offered by the Su Gologone springs is complemented by the possibility of spotting different species of animals that live in this area or move there in the spring and summer season.

Very rich in fish species, the lake is home to an equally diverse fauna on its shores, and during excursions it is not uncommon to come across magnificent specimens of grey heron and golden eagle.

A true paradise not only for lovers of unspoiled nature, for fans of sports such as bird-watching and for cave divers who dive into its waters every year, but also for all those who wish to visit the springs of Su Gologone in a completely original way.


Discovering the springs of Su Gologone

The kayak trip to Su Gologone allows not only to visit the springs but also to discover all the natural and historical attractions of the surrounding area.


Lanaitho Valley

Just 7 kilometers away from the Su Gologone Springs, one comes across the beautiful Lanaitho Valley, between the towns of Oliena and Dorgali, a spectacular area that contrasts caves, spires, canyons and sinkholes with a lush and varied nature of stupendous holm oak, juniper and maple forests.

This area is particularly rich in attractions such as the stupendous caves of Sa Oche (The Voice) and Su Bentu (The Wind), which, linked together, are now among the largest in Europe.

Within them, thanks to the action of karst phenomena that have lasted for millennia, is guarded a truly unique and striking naturalistic scenery of kilometer-long tunnels up to 100 meters high, underground lakes, impressive stalactites and stalagmites, and beautiful sandy beaches.


Village of Sa Sedda 'e Sos Carros

Also worth visiting in the Lanaitho Valley is the Village of Sa Sedda 'e Sos Carros (Chariot Passage Point), located on the left side of the valley at an elevation of about 300 meters.

The Nuragic village, probably erected between the 12th and 9th centuries B.C., owes its importance to the artifacts found, which testify that already at that time man had begun both to mine bronze and iron and to work it to create jewelry.

Particularly interesting within the site is the "fountain" a building that is characterized by its particular architecture; it is, in fact, a circular dwelling, equipped with square block walls on which there are relief sculptures from whose holes the canal water entered, then collected inside a basin placed in the center of the structure.


The beauties of Su Gologone are waiting for you, book your kayak excursion and come discover them!