The kayaking itinerary on Lake Cedrino proposed by Canaleskayak that leads to the discovery of the magnificent Country Church of San Pantaleo, a building particularly dear to the inhabitants of Dorgali given its long belonging to the territory and the importance it has always held within the community.

During the kayak route that leads to the Church of San Pantaleo, it is possible to admire all the beauty and uniqueness of Lake Cedrino and have the opportunity to totally immerse oneself in a lush and unspoiled nature.

Thus we reach the hill of the same name on which the small country church is located, and once we leave the kayak on the lake shore, we set out on a somewhat steep path that in about a 10-minute walk allows us to reach the top of the knoll and the church.


Church of San Pantaleo

The kayak trip, lasting about 3 hours and practicable for everyone, starts from the lake boarding point and continues up its left bank in the direction of the Source of Su Gologone.


Where is it located?

Situated near the ancient ford of the Rio Cedrino, a river that originates from the Gennargentu massif and is to date the fifth longest river in Sardinia, the Church of San Pantaleo can in fact be reached only by kayak or boat since the old dirt road, which branched off from the ancient bridge erected in the first half of the 19th century (at that time crossable only by a raft pulled by ropes), was completely submerged by the waters following the construction in 1964 of the dam at Pedra 'e Othoni.

It was precisely the construction of the dam at the foot of the Tului and Bardia mountains that led to the formation of Lake Cedrino, which is in fact an artificial basin of about 0.95 km².
Reaching the hill, it is then possible to admire all the beauty of the church of San Pantaleo and discover the other attractions kept in this truly evocative place that has managed to preserve itself intact, perhaps also thanks to its forced isolation.


Visit the Church of San Pantaleo and other attractions in the area

Booking the kayak excursion to the Church of San Pantaleo by Canaleskayak thus gives you the opportunity to visit one of the most representative and fascinating attractions of the place while also having the chance to discover the other hidden beauties of the hill of the same name.


A long and troubled history

In fact, the Church of San Pantaleo has a long and very troubled history.
Erected probably in 1662 on the remains of an earlier building, as evidenced by the discovery of some artifacts dated between the 7th-8th centuries AD, the church was first deconsecrated by Bishop Natta and later rehabilitated for worship by Bishop Delbecchi.

Managed for centuries by the heirs of the founders, the Church of St. Pantaleo was isolated following the construction of the dam and the formation of the Cedrino reservoir and was for many years left to neglect, a sort suffered also by the nearby temple of Our Lady of the Angels.


An ancient festival

To the country church of San Pantaleo Martire, also known as San Pantaleo Dottore, is dedicated an ancient festival that was revived in 2006, precisely on the initiative of Nanni Nieddu, one of the owners of the agriturismo Canales.

The festivities, held on Saturday next to July 27, the day of liturgical celebrations, include an evocative boat pilgrimage with the faithful being ferried to the church by volunteers.

Upon reaching the hill, religious ceremonies are held followed by a banquet of local dishes.


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