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Explore the beauty of Lake Cedrino with kayak and canoe tours from Canaleskayak! We offer both exciting guided hikes and the opportunity to rent kayaks and canoes for your own adventure. Discover the naturalistic and historical attractions of scenic Lake Cedrino with our magnificent guided hikes. An experience suitable for everyone to immerse themselves in nature. Book now and experience an unforgettable adventure!

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Thanks to kayak itineraries, it is then possible to admire places from a new perspective and visit places that are often invisible because they are inaccessible by land. It is therefore evident how a kayak trip also nurtures that spirit of adventure and exploration that makes every trip to an area a true discovery.


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One of the most important reasons for relying on one of our guides is the chance to really get to know the place you are visiting, being able to truly appreciate all its beauty.

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S. Pantaleo

The kayak itinerary on Lake Cedrino proposed by Canaleskayak that leads to the discovery of the magnificent Country Church of San Pantaleo, a building particularly dear to the inhabitants of Dorgali given its long belonging to the territory and the importance it has always held in the community.
The kayak trip, lasting about 3 hours and practicable for everyone, begins from the lake boarding point and continues up its left bank in the direction of the Su Gologone Spring.


Su Gologone

The kayak excursion to Su Gologone allows visitors to enjoy a truly unique experience, discovering one of the most beautiful and evocative places in all of Sardinia, set in a spectacular landscape and historical-archaeological context. Practicable by everyone, the Su Gologone kayak itinerary starts from the embarkation point on Lake Cedrino and continues up the south shore of the lake until reaching the Source.


Rio Frumeneddu

Paddling on the rio Frumeneddu, in fact, means immersing oneself in an unspoiled and very varied nature, a perfect "emblem" of the typical Sardinian vegetation. On board the kayak it is possible to enjoy different views of the river, thus being able to admire, on the one hand, the forests of junipers, yews and holm oaks and, on the other, a panorama made of rocks, deep gorges, slides and waterfalls as well as small lakes which herald the entrance to the Gorroppu canyon, the largest in Europe.





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Why go on a kayak excursion?

In fact, practicing kayaking or canoeing keeps the physique lean and toned, strengthens muscles, particularly those in the shoulders and arms, strengthens tendons and has more than positive effects on both the skeletal and cardiovascular systems. In addition to being a recommended activity for keeping fit and healthy, kayaking also helps a great deal psychologically, allowing those who practice it to better handle stress and hone certain skills, such as decision-making.

It is an activity suitable for everyone, from children to the elderly, which, with a minimum of physical preparation, allows you to immerse yourself in nature and admire its infinite beauty. Added to this is the fact that kayaking can also be done in groups, thus proving to be a particularly suitable activity for families .Taking atrip to a lake in a kayak with your children allows you not only to give them an absolutely unique experience but also to build memories that will be indelible forever .

Kayaking trips allow you to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature and absolute silence, freeing your mind from all worries and "thoughts" and allowing you to experience a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If for adults, therefore, kayaking is an extremely relaxing and soothing sport for children and young people, on the other hand, it is the right opportunity to reconnect with the environment, to rediscover nature and its beauty, and to savor the more authentic side of life.